Our FD60 actuator is quiet and powerful designed for use in furniture and homecare application. Our CB3T control box is great for syncing two actuators, or use our CB4M control box to control 4 actuators in sync with a position recall option.
General Info for the FD60 Series Actuators
Input voltage: 24V DC / 12V DC
Max. load: 6000N (push) / 4000N (pull)
Max. current: 3A @ 12V DC, 6A @ 24V DC
Max. speed at no load: 16.6 mm/sec
Max. speed at full load: 2.9 mm/sec @ 6000N
Stroke: 50 ~ 300 mm
Duty cycle: 10% or 2 min continuous operation in 20 min.
IP Protection level: IP42
Color: Black
Certified: EN55014-1
Noise Level: ≦ 50dB 
Preset limit switches

Actuator CAD Data